Thursday, January 8, 2009

Why Society needs Family Lawyers

One of the oldest and the still surviving social orders among human beings is the unit called family. In fact in modern times majority of the human beings are living and thriving as an integral part of a family. Although not always but many a times a family gets plagued by various disputes and problems. And quite often they are not able to resolve it among themselves. A legal recourse is taken which necessitates the need for a family lawyer. A family lawyer can assist in various ways. Families exist in various forms and structure. Thus it becomes highly improbable to have one law that would be suitable enough to settle issues between the warring parties.

Generally the term family law entails all kinds of disputes that could arise within a family. It could be for a dispute between husbands, wives, children, grand parents or even couples involved in a living in relationship. The family law could also cover other matters related to marriage like, surrogacy, child abuse, adoption, or spousal abuse or even child abuse. In a way family laws are quite complex in structure.

If at all there is an issue regarding some domestic matter for which a legal recourse is required then a family lawyer could be of a great help. For instance if there is an issue of spousal abuse between a couple, then the victim can easily approach a family lawyer to assist her in legal matters. The family lawyer would assist the victim in getting the legal justice and making it sure that the accused is punished accordingly. Similarly, if there is a dispute regarding the property owned by a family, a family lawyer would assist the warring factions in resolving the dispute amicably.

The domestic issues concerning a family could be many. Thus a family lawyer would always be required to mediate and settle the issue.

If at all such a need arises that one needs a family lawyer then lawyer ahead would always be too eager to help.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

How Helpful Bankruptcy Lawyers could be in Time of Need

Bankruptcy is a dreaded word for any individual, company, an organization, or a business. It means that one is no longer able to pay the debts or even function in the normal fashion the way it used to before filing for bankruptcy. When a petition for bankruptcy is filed it means that the petitioner wants some kind of rehabilitation and if possible be allowed to run his business as before.

Bankruptcy laws are quite complex in nature and vary from country to country. There are various kinds of bankruptcies that could be filed for in a court of law. It could be a case of personal bankruptcy wherein the individual is without any source of income and is burdened with debts or has to make a payment of some kind to somebody. In such a case the person can file for a personal bankruptcy in the court. Similarly, any organization might find it impossible to pay back its debts to the creditors and thus declare for bankruptcy in order to get some lease of life. A bankruptcy lawyer is always helpful in all such cases. He is well versed with the intricacies of the bankruptcy law and can help the individual or the organization in dealing with the situation.

A bankruptcy lawyer would make sure that the individual or any business that has filed for bankruptcy does not undergoes any harsh treatment. He would go to any length to protect his client from any possible harassment from the creditors or any body to whom his client owes money.

Although not desired but if at all bankruptcy lawyers are required then lawyer ahead could be of great help.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Business/ Corporate Law

When a company is incorporated, it results in creating a new legal entity. Thus corporate law assists in directing the movement and functions of a company. It includes everything right from director’s work to the tax payment made by the organization.

Some of the issues covered by corporate law are:

• Procedure for obtaining incorporation

• Protecting assets from a disaster

• Issues involving share capital

• Shareholders

• Liabilities of directors and officers

• Corporate finance

• Amalgamations

• Insolvency

• Takeover bids

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